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Mongolia Sustainable Finance Forum
Theme: Moving Frontiers in Sustainable Finance

General context on sustainable finance

The well-being of people and the planet have become core to the immediate and long-term success of businesses. Declining natural resources, climate change, pollution, and lack of economic access for the poorest segments of society are tangible examples of pressures converging to affect the profitability of businesses.

As capital providers, banks are ideally placed to help businesses respond to the above environmental and social risks sooner and more effectively. By doing so, they ensure economic development does not come at the cost of society and vital ecosystems. They also protect their lending portfolios and realize new business opportunities offered by the green economy: such as renewable energy, clean technology and lending to small businesses.

FMO, Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, IFC, Mongolia Bankers Association and the Mongolia Banking and Finance Academy have joined forces to support banks in these efforts in three important ways by:

  • providing access to practical case studies and technical guidance as banks develop policies and systems to manage the environmental and social performance of projects they finance,
  • facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue and support to regulators in creating a level-playing field for bank competition, and
  • supporting knowledge sharing, skills development and capacity building through relevant trainings on sustainability, environmental and social risk management and innovative business opportunities

 Mongolia Sustainable Finance Forum

The Mongolia Sustainable Finance Forum is a three days event geared towards raising awareness on environmental and social (E&S) issues through financial institutions’ financing to the real economy while simultaneously drawing attention to innovative financing opportunities that exists and can be unlocked to further enhance growth and development across various sectors in the Mongolian economy.

who should attend:

The forum has been especially designed for CEOs of banks and other financial institutions, senior management executives in the mining, construction, energy, agriculture sectors, central bank representatives, banking and risk management associations, academia and members of the general public.

Forum Composition

The three days forum will cover the following events:

CEO Roundtable:
Participation is strictly by personal invitation and is exclusively for  CEOs of commercial banks and financial sector regulators including the Central Bank

Industry Seminar:
This event welcomes participation from all sectors of the economy - private and public organizations including banking, mining, construction, agriculture, trade, and academia. Speakers are drawn both internationally and locally to share and exchange thoughts on  global sustainability best practices.

Sustainability Training:
The training is exclusively for banking practitioners in risk and commercial business functions. Key focus areas will include environmental and social risk management in commercial lending, green financing and implementation of international sustainability standards in banking operations.