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Sustainability Training

Please find a biography of the trainer of the Sustainability Training below:

Carey Bohjanen - Sustainability Finance Advisory

Carey Bohjanen is the Managing Director/CEO and founder of Sustainable Finance Advisory.  She operates at the interface between finance, business and society, particularly in emerging markets. She raises awareness and builds institutional capacity to deliver a balanced approach between economic development and sustainable development. The primary focus area of her work over the last eight years has been the financial services sector, including the development and implementation of sustainable finance strategies, policies, procedures and tools.  Her clients seek to maximise commercial returns in a responsible manner that is consistent with leading international standards and practices whilst taking into account the local market context.  Her work has also included the facilitation of environmental and social risk management training workshops for senior management, commercial teams and sustainability professionals as well as leading internal and external multi-cultural, multi-stakeholder processes. She has established a track record of building and driving successful partnerships, teams and projects across geographical and cultural divides in over twenty-two OECD and emerging market countries. 

Carey has a wide range of experience relating to environmental and social issues, emerging trends, good practice standards and initiatives in the financial sector in both developed and emerging markets. She is committed to promoting the concept of sustainable finance in her work with all of her clients. Her clients include financial institutions in OECD countries with operations in emerging markets, as well as institutions based in emerging markets. Carey has delivered work to financial sector clients in the following regions and countries: Africa (South Africa, Nigeria), Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India), Europe/CIS (France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia), Central/South America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina), North America (USA, Canada).  Carey’s clients include commercial and wholesale banks, development banks, investment banks, non-interest banks, insurance companies, private equity houses, investment funds and discount houses.

Prior to starting Sustainable Finance Advisory, Carey worked with Sustainable Finance, Ltd. for five years and then with the PwC UK’s Sustainability and Climate Change Financial Services team for 2.5 years subsequent to the acquisition of Sustainable Finance, Ltd. in December 2008.  Prior to her work as a consultant, Carey practiced corporate and securities law in the US. Carey received her Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan in the USA; an international Masters of Business Administration from ESCP-EAP in France, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge in the UK.